These terms and conditions apply to any purchases of antivirus software made by anyone from through this website. “YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS IF YOU PLACE AN ORDER ON THIS WEBSITE.”

Prior to “TheAntivirusShop” accepting your order, all pricing and descriptions listed on this website have the potential to change or be removed, and they do not represent an offer. Despite doing its best to ensure product availability, TheAntivirusShop cannot guarantee that all Products (including download links, licence keys, and codes, hereafter referred to as simply product (s)) are in stock. As such, TheAntivirusShop reserves the right, without incurring any liability, to refuse your order if it cannot be processed or fulfilled. In this situation, TheAntivirusShop will reimburse you for any payments you have already paid for the goods.

Your submission of an order to TheAntivirusShop constitutes an offer to purchase products subject to TheAntivirusShop’s acceptance. When TheAntivirusShop delivers your order, it accepts it as a binding offer and the contract is complete. In order for TheAntivirusShop to complete your order, you warrant that all information you supply when placing an order is current and materially accurate. It is your responsibility to keep your account information accurate and up to date, as well as to keep any passwords secure against unauthorised access.

If nothing else is explicitly stated or agreed upon, the prices due for the Antivirus key are those in effect at the time the order is received. Prices will be listed on the website, but in the event of a discrepancy, the price you are told of when TheAntivirusShop accepts your order is the correct and final price. Prior to order acceptance, TheAntivirusShop maintains the right to cancel any discounts and/or change pricing to reflect cost increases, including but not limited to the cost of materials, delivery, an increase in taxes, duties, or other levies, and changes in exchange rates. Pricing problems could result from programming or data issues on our website.

The Antivirus Shop generally honours orders when the price is accurate or much below the market price, but it reserves the right to change the price and make you an offer to buy the item at the correct market price.

Any pricing inaccuracies will be disclosed to you by TheAntivirusShop before the product is delivered. In this situation, if you decide to proceed with your order, you agree to the updated terms and costs as advised by TheAntivirusShop. Prices are in the currency listed on the website, unless otherwise specified.

Prior to delivery, payment must be paid using the methods listed on the website or any other method expressly approved by TheAntivirusShop. After a purchase is placed and credit card details are given to TheAntivirusShop, the website will charge the credit or debit card. Prior to acceptance, The Antivirus Shop maintains the right to check the credit or debit card payments. The Antivirus Shop has the right to reclaim the provided Key code in the event of non-payment.

The Antivirus Shop shall not be held responsible for any delays, however it will try its utmost to guarantee on-time delivery. Your payment will be returned upon your written request if The Antivirus Shop is unable to deliver the ordered goods. You won’t receive a physical copy of the product, CD, manual, or codes. Your serial number will be given to you and sent to the email address and mobile phone you gave during registration. You are required to double-check the delivery address on the The Antivirus Shop acceptance that was given to you and to immediately alert The Antivirus Shop to any inaccuracies or omissions.

If you refuse to accept the Serial Key delivered by The Antivirus Shop, the risk of loss or damage passes to you, and The Antivirus Shop will have the right to demand full payment for the Serial Key delivered and/or to deliver the Serial Key by any means necessary or to store the Serial Key at your risk. However, you may be responsible for paying The Antivirus Shop on demand for all storage fees and any additional fees incurred as a result of such refusal or failure to accept the Serial Key.

The Antivirus Shop or its affiliated company that takes part in the sale of the products are not subject to any liability for indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages under any circumstances and under any theory of law, including tort, contract, or otherwise. If a material contractual commitment is broken with intent or gross negligence, The Antivirus Shop or its affiliates are only responsible for the amount of damages. Regardless of the type of damage claims, this limitation of responsibility is in effect and will remain so even if the contract is terminated.

You agree to hold The Antivirus Shop harmless from any liabilities, charges, or expenses spent by or made against The Antivirus Shop as a direct or indirect result of selling products or providing services to your precise specifications that result in an alleged violation of any third party’s proprietary rights.

It is your responsibility to check that it was delivered by The Antivirus Shop and to confirm that it is in good shape, that it matches the description provided, and that it is complete—but only with regard to any obvious flaws or apparent short deliveries. Your rights relating to No Delivery, a non-operational serial key, defective goods, or short delivery are forfeited if you fail to notify The Antivirus Shop in writing within a few days of the failure.

In the event that you commit any act of bankruptcy (such as a deed of arrangement with creditors or being wound-up against), The Antivirus Shop has the right to suspend or halt the supply of the Serial Key or if we feel you are unable to pay your debts. In these circumstances, The Antivirus Shop may also cancel your order by sending you a written notification by email or fax.

You are responsible for inspecting the “Serial Key” given by The Antivirus Shop upon delivery to ensure that they are complete, in accordance with their description, and free from obvious flaws and short deliveries. Your rights relating to No Delivery, a non-operational serial key, defective goods, or short delivery are forfeited if you fail to notify The Antivirus Shop in writing within 3 (Three) days of the failure.

The provisions of these Terms are distinct from one another, and the invalidity of one will not in any way impact the validity of the others. The sole Terms between The Antivirus Shop and You are those contained in this document, which represents the parties’ freely expressed will. Prior written or oral Terms are not required unless specifically mentioned in this document. The Antivirus Shop retains the right to make periodic adjustments to the terms while giving notice of significant changes on the current website. After such notification has been provided, you have agreed to the modifications if you continue to place orders through this website.
Without The Antivirus Shop’s prior written consent, you are not permitted to transfer or assign your rights or responsibilities under these Terms to a third party. Policy on Cancellations TheAntivirusShop has a cancellation policy since it believes in going above and beyond to assist its consumers. According to this policy:

    • A. End-user requests for refunds or cancellations will only be honoured if they are submitted in writing.


  • B. The Antivirus Shop retains the right, in its sole discretion, to refund any order with or without supporting documentation in the following situations:
  • 1. Fraudulent order is discovered.
  • 2. A customer accidentally submits two orders.
  • 3. The customer asks for a refund prior to purchasing the item.
  • 4. Requests for cancellations will only be taken into account if they are submitted within 24 hours of making an order. However, if the orders have been fulfilled by The Antivirus Shop and the mail containing the serial code(s) has been sent to you, the cancellation request won’t be taken into consideration.
  • 5. Under no circumstances will the consumer receive a monetary return. The money will be transferred from the account where the payment was made to one of the customers..
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